3-A SSI Growing ‘Brand’ Recognition

Publication date: 17.11.2012

Author: 3-A

The USA based organization once known simply as "3-A" is distinguished by a remarkable history of serving the public health through the development of standards for the advancement of food sanitation and hygiene. Since late 1920s, 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. works on behalf of a diverse community of regulatory sanitarians, fabricators, and processors with a common interest in serving the public good. 3-A SSI has established a strong and positive track record of developing criteria for the hygienic design of food processing equipment. This year, 3-A SSI expanded and enhanced recognition of 3-A Sanitary Standards, 3-A Accepted Practices and the 3-A Symbol program across the food processing industry and others.

In 2012, 3-A SSI achieved major progress in promoting broader recognition of the organization as well as the valuable ‘products’ it provides to the industry and the goal of food safety. 3-A SSI gained new recognition in the academic community by providing travel support for qualified and motivated students to participate in the 3-A SSI Annual Meeting and education program. Important recognition of 3-A SSI was also gained in the medical products industry as stakeholders search for design criteria that may have potential application for the cleanability of reusable medical devices. A major new project announced this year to develop a new American National Standard for the sanitary design, materials of construction, and fabrication techniques of dairy and other food and beverage equipment will bring new interest and participation in the work of 3-A SSI.

3-A SSI anticipates public concern about food safety will continue to grow among the public, regulatory professionals, processors and equipment fabricators in the years ahead.

Attention will be focused on the entire food safety chain and new ways to assure the public health. In particular, proven standards and credible voluntary third party certification programs will become increasingly important to meet regulatory objectives in the coming years.

In the year ahead, 3-A SSI will maintain a very active outreach program to key audiences of processors, regulatory professionals, fabricators and others through participation in training seminars, conferences and trade shows. 3-A SSI has the opportunity to develop new and improved knowledge resources to serve the growing interest in hygienic equipment design. We invite the active participation of committed volunteers to help us grow as a valued information and education resource.

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