EHEDG Macedonian Regional Section OPENING CEREMONY was held on April 29th, 2010 in the Macedonian Economic Chamber ceremonial hall. The event was organized by EHEDG Macedonian Regional Section headquarter - Consulting and Training Center KEY in cooperation with the Macedonian Economic Chamber. Same day for all interested parties was organized the FIRST EHEDG Macedonian Regional Section INFORMATIVE MEETING.

The informative meeting was attended by 80 guests, representatives of: Food Producers, Food Equipment Manufacturers, Scientific and Research Institutions, Ministries, Agencies, Food Directorate and more.

The event was led by the of the Macedonian Regional Section President, Prof. Dr  Vladimir Kakurinov. Ms. Stojmirka Tasevska from the Chamber of Commerce, had the welcoming speech. There were also two presentations held by two higely valued EHEDG representatives, Mr. Huub Leliveld, honorary EHEDG President and Mr. Piet Steenaard, responsible for EHEDG finances.

The event was followed by almost all national electronic and printed media.